Ownership Simplified!

Ownership can be stressful!

From your home, to your car, pet, or even personal electronics, ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities and stress.   Scroll down to find out how Unaagi makes it easy!  
Unaagi Home
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What is Unaagi?
Made specifically for you, the everyday homeowner.

Through your phone, Unaagi will help you keep tabs on:

  • Receipts for returns.
  • Warranty information.
  • Maintenance reminders.
  • Related purchases.

Unaagi also helps you keep track of:

  1. Your pets.
  2. Your car,
  3. Your valuables, and everything else that doesn’t fit into any other categories!

Are you a Builder or a Realtor?

Find out how you can stand out and offer more value to your clients.

some items you can track with Unaagi:

Unaagi Home


AC, TV, Furnaces, Roofing, Window...

Unaagi Car


Car, Boat, Motorcycle,

Unaagi Pets


Dogs, Cats, Bird, Fish, Hamsters , lizard...

Unaagi Tools


Tools, People, Equipment's, Plants...

Best ways to use Unaagi

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Digital inventory

Create an inventory for each room in your home, complete with receipts, photos, and price information…
And you can even be prepared for any accident!

Document and file holder

Keeping track of instruction manuals, warranty notices, or just a bunch of receipts, make it a breeze with scanning and prebuilt inventory folders.
No more paper receipts! Yay!
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Maintenance scheduling

HVAC maintenance or annual upkeep on your furnace,
schedule everything right from Unaagi and it AUTOMATICALLY shows you when everything is due!

Reminders and updates

From scheduled updates to your daughter’s dentist appointment, keep everything organized in one spot!
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Contact info for your home

From emergency contacts, to your vet and doctor, to the contractor or repair technician for your pool.
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Bottom line:

Unaagi is all about Digitally organizing your HOME…

And everything you own!
The modern way to organize your home and its contents…

However you want to!

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