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The Best Way to Renovate Your Home in 2021

Are you thinking of renovating your home?

It can be a daunting task, we know.

This is why we put together a blog for you to find inspiration and also to start thinking of what would work for your home.

Let’s go:

Home Renovation... Where do I start?

Home renovations are never straightforward, or is it one size fits all.

There are so many areas to consider when attempting a renovation.

Having a good idea of which rooms or sections within a house you want to renovate would certainly help start.

Sometimes you may just want to spruce up a room in your house or add an extension to your kitchen or patio. The key here would be to ensure that you have a budget in mind that would cover a renovation, be it outsourced or DIY.

There are a vast number of resources that can provide insight into different styles of renovation and remodeling. Doing some research into fresh ideas can give you an overview of what can be done and inspire you to start and the help needed.

Renovation could also mean something as small as replacing your garage door or even installing new vinyl windows and siding.

There could then be smaller changes that can be done in smaller batches over a considerable period.

So, home renovation shouldn’t be thought of as something that needs to change your home completely, but it could just be smaller upgrades of existing spaces and items within your home that may not have been replaced in a few years or are damaged due to wear and tear.

What are the initial steps you should take?

Deciding on themes, styles and concepts can seem daunting to an average homeowner and may seem a lot more than one can take on.

To assist in these initial stages of conceptualizing an idea, many resources can be considered. One Project Closer and Retro Renovation are two specific resources that can be used for inspiration and give you an idea of what may work for your home and what may not.


Some of the first steps that you can take:


· Visiting other people’s homes to get an idea of what you would like and what would suit your taste


· Watching remodeling TV shows that showcase many different styles of homes


· Magazine and websites that are dedicated to remodeling and renovation


· Do some research online for new trends, styles, and concepts


Most of all, take your time to truly figure out what you would like and what colors and styles would suit you, your lifestyle, and your home the best. These decisions usually require a little time and consideration, ensuring that you make the best and most beneficial decision for yourself.

A Few Recommendations for Renovating Your Home

There’s so much to keep in mind when you start to think about a home renovation. So here are a few recommendations that we propose to help you going forward:

1. Understand what you want from the space and what you want to get out of the renovation. This will help you overview the change you have in mind and what you would need to do.

2. Set a realistic budget. This will help you to identify the material and items in your price range.

3. Pick a theme or concept that you like. This will help you look for home decor items that would fit in together. 

4. Do some research on your options, be it for material, tiles, bathware, or equipment for your kitchen, so that you get an idea of new styles and country-specific equipment that is available for purchase locally or through shipping.

5. Decide on the colors and styles that you may like. This will help you to visualize the result of your home renovation.

6. Shop around for quotations of items and compare the quality and cost to understand what’s available to you and the costs associated with each.

What Do You Need to Keep in Mind?

There are many aspects to consider, this includes:

  • Finding a contractor that can provide the specific services you require is crucial going forward and will make or break your renovation.
  •  Keeping in mind the costs will also help your contractor know the average cost of items or materials to purchase for the renovation to stay within your budget.
  • Ensuring that your ideas are realistic, talk through the ideas with your family or friends for any suggestions and comments.
  • Ensuring that you follow the required guidelines and get in touch with your home insurance for the planned renovations so that you can get the required approvals in advance.
  • Deciding if the planned renovation would benefit you and your home, talk to your contractor about what can be done in your home or if certain renovations may damage the initial home structure.
  • Finding a contractor that understands your vision is important to keep in mind as you would need to work very closely with your contractor to ensure that your vision is executed exactly the way you need it.

Home renovations come with their benefits. They could increase the property value of your home if you are considering putting your home on the market. Bathroom and kitchen remodel are said to give a 75-100% return on investment, which is also an added advantage as these are the usual spaces within a home remodeled.

 Home renovation could also be something you have planned for in your new home, which would mean that it is something to start thinking about early. This would help you prepare for what needs to be done and ensure that your design choices are well thought out.

A home renovation is a project that can include the entire family, a time to understand what your family may like or dislike and the changes they would like to see in your home. It is also important that you keep in mind the practical use of the proposed space or area to be remodeled. Do think of how it would change the way you entertain or host in the future and your storage and home decor options.

A new project such as your home’s renovation could be an exciting process within your life that may bring out your creative side. A renovation could also give you your dream home. One remodel at a time. So don’t get put off by the idea of it, but embrace it as it may positively impact your life.

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